Why Choose CPPEA?

Why Choose CPPEA as your new Union?

When CPPEA says we stand for a Union with “Full Democracy” we mean…

Members will have a vote in all aspects of our wages, benefits and working conditions.

Members will retain local control of the issues that dictate our working conditions, wages and benefits.

Members will have the ability to:

  • Elect CPPEA Union Officials
  • Participate in the Union/State Bargaining Process
  • Vote on every important decision regarding our Working Conditions

In short, as CPPEA Members we will be in control of our own Working Conditions.
This is the way the CPPEA was designed to work. Because we are member-led; we will be working under the same contract with the State and under the same Working Conditions as every member of CPPEA.

Not Electing CPPEA as our new Union would be very bad for all State Employees…

Staying with the SEIU under a new Governor that has an openly hostile view towards State Workers, combined with the Public’s misconceptions about our Pensions and Wages, will be the “Perfect Storm” that the State needs to impose further cuts on our wages and benefits.

CPPEA is part of a thriving movement of member-led Unions. With worker-led CPPEA representing California’s State Workers, 100% of our energy will be focused on our members — unlike SEIU who considers California’s workers as only a small fraction of their concerns.

CPPEA has adopted the most effective strategies of other successful member-led Unions.

As soon as we decertify SEIU and CPPEA becomes certified as the new Union, CPPEA will be using the same infrastructure used by the other member-led Unions (Professional Bargaining teams, Attorney Reps, etc.).

Resign from SEIU and Decertify SEIU, and VOTE CPPEA as your new Union!

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