Open Letter #3 to SEIU President Yvonne Walker

OPEN LETTER (3 of 7)

To:       Yvonne Walker, President of SEIU Local 1000
From:  Ken Hamidi
CC:       California State Employees represented by SEIU Local 1000

Date:    July 20, 2010

RE:       Open Letter (3 of 7) Request for verification of deceitful petition to bring back the
              Senators from recess to vote on bogus AB1699

 Dear Ms. Walker,

I am writing this third open letter to request verification of the facts about SEIU’s deceitful petition to bring back the senators from recess to vote on bogus AB1699.

Fact #1:

  1. The Governor wants to impose minimum wage.
  2. Even if the senators pass the AB1699, the Governor has to sign the Assembly Bill 1699 in order for it to become law.

If even Hell Freezes Over, the Governor will not sign the AB1699 and will veto!!!

Fact #2:

  1. The only way to override the Governor’s veto is to have a two-thirds vote in both the Assembly and Senate.
  2. There has not been a successful veto override of a Governor’s veto in California for over 31 years.


  • It is almost impossible to override a Governor’s veto under the present circumstances that SEIU has created for the State Employees.
  • The Governor and Republican legislators hate State Employees due to SEIU’s wrongful and self-serving partisan agenda’s!!!



Why would SEIU conduct a deceitful statewide campaign to gather signatures on a petition to bring back the senators from recess to vote on an IMPOSSIBLE bill AB1699?


  1. SEIU has agreed to a very bad contract (behind closed doors) that is much worse than the contracts agreed to by all other State Employees’ unions.
  2. SEIU Local 1000 is pretentiously taking any action to fool the State Employees and prepare them to swallow this POISONOUS CONTRACT!   5 Year Contract = Permanent 20% Pay Cut

We will publish the above facts on CPPEA’s website to share with our members, supporters, and fellow state employees.  If you would like to correct any part of the above facts, please contact me no later than July 27, 2010.  Please be advised, that if by July 27, 2010 you do not contact us to make any corrections, we will consider that as confirmation of the above facts.


Ken Hamidi


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