Open Letter #2 to SEIU President Yvonne Walker

OPEN LETTER (2 of 6)

To:       Yvonne Walker, President of SEIU Local 1000
From:   Ken Hamidi
CC:       California state employees represented by SEIU Local 1000

Date:    July 19 2010

RE:       Open Letter (2 of 6) Request for verification of facts about the impossible Strike

Dear Ms. Walker,

Please be advised, I am writing this second letter to request verification of the facts about the deceitful “Strike” game that you are playing. 

Fact #1:
Following is an excerpt from the “SEIU Local 1000 Contract-Version 3, page 27” directly from the SEIU Local 1000’s website:


5.1 No Strike

A. During the term of this Contract, neither the Union nor its agents nor any employee, for any reason, will authorize, institute, aid, condone, or engage in a work slowdown, work stoppage, strike, or any other interference with the work and statutory functions or obligations of the State.

B. The Union agrees to notify all of its officers, stewards, chief stewards, and staff of their obligation and responsibility for maintaining compliance with this section, including the responsibility to remain at work during any activity which may be caused or initiated by others, and to encourage employees violating this section to return to work.

If state employees go on strike, even for few hours, they will lose their job!!!

Fact #2:
In all SEIU Local 1000’s budgets there has been an allocation of $1-2 million for a Strike Fund.

Millions of dollars are missing from the Strike Fund Account.  As a result, there is no viable Strike Fund to support the significant amount of state workers required for an effective Strike.  In fact, SEIU CANNOT even pay 5 cents per hour to those state workers you convince to go out on your strike!

For any strike to be effective at least 50% of the workforce must go on strike for as long as it takes, which would have to be an extended period under this Administration.

No state employee can afford to go out on your strike with the exception of SEIU Local 1000 leadership and their host of devotees who will be compensated by SEIU member’s union dues.

That would be the same SEIU devotees (state workforce staff of volunteers) that did not suffer the 15% pay cuts due to the furloughs (insider information).

Question #1: 
Why would SEIU conduct a statewide campaign to prepare for a strike if those organizing it know that it is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to Legally, and Effectively, Strike?

Question #2: 
Knowing these facts with complete certainty, why would you, and SEIU’s leadership team, and the Governor all coordinate your efforts to play this cruel game against the state workers who are helpless, and look to you for their defense?

The brutal truth is your coordinated actions are all working towards preparing the state workforce for accepting a very bad take-away contract for an extended period of time.  A contract that serves both SEIU’s and the Governor’s agenda’s, and does nothing to protect the state employee’s interests at all.


We will publish the above facts on CPPEA’s website to share with our members, supporters, and fellow state employees.  If you would like to correct any part of the above facts, please contact me no later than July 26, 2010.  Please be advised, that if by July 26, 2010, you do not contact us to make any correction, we will consider that as confirmation of the above facts.


Ken Hamidi


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