Open Letters from CPPEA to SEIU

The below letters are a series of correspondence from CPPEA’s Ken Hamidi to SEIU Local 1000’s President Yvonne Walker, regarding a variety of issues, some of which are common to the past two NGO Campaigns (2010, 2011, and 2012), including concerns of Fabricated Numbers, Inflated Expenditures, and also Scare Tactics directed at getting SEIU members to accept a worse contract than other Union’s have negotiated for their members.

Please check back often.
Other letters may be added in the future as more news develops.

2012  Non-Germane Objector Campaign Letters:

* Letter #1
Request for Financial Records

* Letter #2
Request for copies of all NGO POA forms


2011  Non-Germane Objector Campaign Letters:

* Letter #1
CPPEA/SEIU Selection of Arbitrator

* Letter #2
Request for Itemized SEIU Expenses

* Letter #3
Request for release of POA

* Letter #4
Request for Strike Fund Refund


2010 Non-Germane Objector Campaign Letters:

  • Letter #1
    Verification of Non-Germane expenditures, and number of Non-G forms received.
  • Letter #2
    Verification of “Strike” scare campaign in preparation for a Very Bad Contract.
  • Letter #3
    Verification of Deceitful Petition to bring Senators back for AB1699 Vote.
  • Letter #4
    Verification of Contract Talks/Negotiations and Take-away items.
  • Letter #5
    Verification of Non-Germane Expenditures and Lowering Objector’s dues.
  • Letter #6
    Warning and Advice regarding the upcoming Non-Germane Challenge.
  • Letter #7
    Verification of inappropriate use of Union funds.
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