NGO 2011 – Open Letter #3 to SEIU Pres – POA Forms

Date: July 19, 2011

To:       Yvonne Walker, President of SEIU Local 1000
From:   Ken Hamidi, CEO of CPPEA
CC:      California state employees represented by SEIU Local 1000

Request for Non-Germane Objector’s Power Of Attorney forms

Ms. Walker,

Please be advised: As authorized Power Of Attorney (POA) for thousands of California state employees whom are represented by SEIU Local 1000, I am writing to request a copy of all 2011 Non-Germane Objector (NGO) forms in your possession, which included the following (or similar) statement:

For all purposes relating to arbitration matters and/or legal actions, I appoint California Professional Public Employees Association (CPPEA) and/or Ken Hamidi as my representative to challenge the Fair Share fees.

Please also be advised: Based on all the evidence and information available to us, we have reason to believe that 16,000 to 19,000 California State employees who timely filed for 2011-2012 NGO status using the All-In-One NGO form distributed by CPPEA, clearly expressed their intentions:

1. To Cancel their SEIU Local 1000 membership.

2. To File for 2011-2012 Non-Germane Objector status.

3. To Challenge SEIU Local 1000’s 2010 Non-Germane expenditures calculation.

4. To Appoint CPPEA and/or Ken Hamidi as their rightful POA to represent them for all purposes relating to arbitration and/or legal actions.

Therefore, as the POA of approximately 19,000 NGO’s I am officially requesting copies of all 2011 NGO forms which include a POA to CPPEA and/or Ken Hamidi, as described above in bold.

Also please be advised: If we do not receive a timely response by August 4, 2011 complying to this request, as we are entitled to by existing law and SEIU policy, then it will indicate that SEIU has no intention of providing the documentation and transparency required to conduct a fair assessment in the upcoming arbitration hearings, and we will take all appropriate actions accordingly.


Ken Hamidi

Ken Hamidi