NGO 2011 – Open Letter #1 to SEIU Pres – Collaborate

Date: July 19, 2011

To:       Yvonne Walker, President of SEIU Local 1000
From:   Ken Hamidi, CEO of CPPEA
CC:      California state employees represented by SEIU Local 1000

RE: Meeting to collaborate on the 2011 Non-Germane Expenditure Arbitration hearings

Ms. Walker,

Please be advised: As the authorized Power Of Attorney for thousands of California state employees whom are represented by SEIU Local 1000, I am writing to request a meeting to discuss and determine with you, as per established policy, the following specifics of this year’s Non-Germane Expenditures arbitration hearings, including, but not limited to:

1. The selection and awarding of the role of arbitrator(s).

2. The selection of the multiple locations for arbitration hearings.

3. Setting the Date & Time of arbitration hearings for None Germane Objectors (NGO) Challenger participation.

4. The details of the management of the arbitration hearings, including, but not limited to:

a. Notification to all participants, and NGO Challengers.

b. Providing fair opportunity for participation to the NGO Challengers who live farther than 25 miles from the proposed
location(s) of the 2011 arbitration hearings.

c. Various expenditures of the 2011 Non-Germane Expenditure Arbitration:

i. Arbitrator’s fee.

ii. Court recorder’s fee

iii. Costs of the facilities for arbitration.

iv. Cost of notifications.

Also please be advised: If we do not receive a timely response by August 4, 2011 complying to these requests, as we are entitled to by existing law and SEIU policy, then it will indicate that SEIU has no intention of collaborating with us upon the specifics of these upcoming arbitration hearings, and we will take all appropriate actions accordingly.


Ken Hamidi

Ken Hamidi