Who is CPPEA?

“California Professional Public Employees Association”

The CPPEA was established by a group of reform-minded members of SEIU who were concerned about SEIU’s…

  • Mismanagement of union resources
  • Lack of Transparency and Accountability
  • Inadequate and ineffective Representation of it’s members

In 2007, this group organized a grassroots campaign to reform the SEIU Local 1000.
After years of methodical and systematic campaigning for reform, it was clear that SEIU Local 1000 is ineffective at representing its members, and irreparable.

CPPEA: founded by California workers for workplace justice

In 2009, this group helped to found what is known today as the California Professional Public Employees Association (CPPEA).

Today, the Member-led CPPEA  association is dedicated to providing services and advocating fair and equal opportunity, and prosperity for all State workers.

Although lobbying the legislature is an important part of garnering support for public employees, CPPEA is non-partisan and will only support labor friendly politicians, regardless of their political orientation.

The job of CPPEA is to protect, and to further the interests of, its members, by building strong relationships with labor-friendly political parties.
CPPEA will:

  • Work for Justice in the workplace and represent our members aggressively, effectively, and professionally.
  • Negotiate consistently, aggressively, and fairly at the Bargaining table with the help of trained and experienced Bargaining Professionals.
  • Exercise full Democracy and guarantee the Integrity of our elections and be Transparent and Accountable for our actions.
  • Conservatively and Efficiently use our member’s valuable dues and other resources.

CPPEA strives to make every effort to protect and expand the interests of its members.

Join CPPEA and encourage your colleagues to join!

CPPEA’s mission is to efficiently, effectively, and aggressively represent the public employees of the State of California of Bargaining Units (BU) 1, 3, 4, 11, 14, 15, 17, 20, and 21, all presently represented by SEIU Local 1000.

Many of us have experienced the frustration of being the target of unwarranted blame for California’s problems. SEIU has failed to set the record straight publicly, about:

  • State Worker’s pay being lower than our Private Sector counterparts Government studies have consistently shown that State Workers get 10-40 percent less pay, or the fact that …
  • State Worker’s Pensions are self-funded by PERS investments, therefore not an impact to the State’s Budget at all.

SEIU’s failure to Publically and Aggressively respond to these fallacies actually helps facilitate our being targeted for future cuts to our wages and benefits, instead of cutting the waste in Government, such as the process overload, the redundant paperwork, and mandated procedures that are now outdated and obsolete.

Together we can make changes that work, without sacrificing our hard-fought compensation. Let’s unite and demand respect for our skills, our work ethic and experience, with one strong voice!

Please visit our Join The Cause page for more information.

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