Marin County Workers Abandon SEIU for Worker-Led Local

by on May 26, 2010

In a vote described as overwhelming, Marin county public employees have severed their relationship with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) in favor of  a new union established by former SEIU Local 1021 members. The new, worker-established, worker-led union is MAPE: Marin Association of Public Employees.

SEIU closed our office and treated our staff very poorly... then SEIU had us use a call center in Pasadena. So you’d be talking to someone who didn’t know our contract with the county.”

The history behind the vote, described as a “major shift,” is covered by Marinscope Community Newspapers.

The reasons for the Marin county workers’ longstanding discontent with SEIU will be familiar to many California public employees:

  • SEIU’s management style favored top-down control from Washington
  • Patterns of consolidation eliminated any local presence
  • Assistance was available only through call centers in remote locations
  • Reductions in service were made in the name of “efficiency”

Eventually Marin County employees began the process to replace SEIU.  It began with the re-establishment of their old union MAPE, now as a local, woker-led organization. They filed petitions to decertify the SEIU and certify MAPE,  then conducted a vote that could have: a) recertified SEIU, b) certified the  new union (Marin Association of Public Employees) or c) refused any representation at all.

With the results of the election now official, MAPE is ready to negotiate on behalf of its members.

CPPEA is a worker-led organization dedicated to helping California’s public employees get the representation they deserve.  If you’re represented by SEIU Local 1000, you may relate to the experiences of Marin County’s Local 1021.

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