2017 Non-Germaine Objector (NGO) Combo Form….

by on June 1, 2017

Download the 2017 Non-Germaine Objector (NGO) Combo form today!!

Congratulations to everyone who submitted last years Non-Germane Objector Form!

If you filed a Non-Germane Objector Form, last year, remember…

  • The Non-Germane Objector Form must be submitted every year, so if you filed it in June 2016, you must file it again in June 2017, June 2018, etc.,..
  • This Combo form can submitted by anyone represented by SEIU (Members and Non-Members).
  • This form will Cancel your membership and file for Non-Germaine Objector status, meaning you object to SEIU using your Union Dues for any purpose other than Bargaining and Representation.
  • This form also provides Power of Attorney to CPPEA/Ken Hamidi to act on your behalf to Challenge SEIU’s calculations of what portion of your dues are Non-Germaine.  This challenge occurs in court, and as your legal representative Ken Hamidi/CPPEA will act on your behalf to ask and answer questions for you.
  • THE POWER OF ATTORNEY IS GRANTED ONLY FOR REPRESENTING YOU FOR NGO PURPOSES. The Power of Attorney can not be used to drain your bank account or sell your home out from under you, so do not believe any of these or similar scare tactics previously presented by SEIU.
  • Submit the completed NGO Combo form to CPPEA’s address until June 24th.  CPPEA will hand-deliver forms submitted up till then.  After June 24th, it will be too late for CPPEA to process the form and hand-deliver them to SEIU, so AFTER June 24th, please send the NGO Combo form directly to SEIU via Certified Mail or other Trackable method to assure delivery.
  • Don’t delay!  Submit your NGO Combo Form today!!

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