2014 – NGO Class Action Lawsuit info

by on November 4, 2015

2014 – Background and more info on the NGO Class Action Lawsuit

The following link takes you to a written article with a video clip of KXTV News 10 newsman, John Myers, interviewing CPPEA President Ken Hamidi, and SEIU Local 1000 President Yvonne Walker.  Below the article is a copy of the actual class-action lawsuit filed by Ken Hamidi, on behalf of 17 state employees.


The link below is a similar article by the SacBee news:


SEIU Local 1000’s mandatory requirement for non-members to file for Non-Germane Objector (NGO) status every year is unconstitutional. Ken Hamidi and Kim McElroy have been organizing a class action lawsuit against SEIU Local 1000 to stop them from requiring SEIU non-members/Fair Share Fee Payers (FSFP) from having to file for the NGO status every June.

As a result of SEIU’s unconstitutional requirement, thousands of FSFP’s fail to file for NGO status each year and end up paying hundreds of Dollars of their hard earned money to SEIU, who is collecting their money against their will and often spend the fund’s collected in ways that go against the wishes of the non-members/FSFP (i.e., political organizing, etc.).

FSFP’s miss the opportunity of filing for NGO status due to variety of reasons, such as not receiving the required annual Hudson Notice, which has to be prepared by SEIU and mailed to FSFP’s every year by the end of May.

Based on the allegations and testimonies of thousands of FSFP’s, they feel that SEIU deliberately does not send the Hudson Notices to all the FSFP’s, or the notices somehow get lost in the mail system, or people move from one address to another, etc. SEIU often changes the address of where the FSFP’s have to mail their NGO forms to, and as a result a percentage of the FSFP’s mail their NGO forms to a previous address. The bottom line is that it appears as though SEIU deliberately and deceitfully manipulates the NGO system with the intention of taking advantage of FSFP’s.

A Class-Action Lawsuit (Hamidi vs. SEIU Local 1000), will be filed in the next few weeks to address these concerns on behalf of FSFP and non-member Plaintiffs that have come forward.

LAWSUIT STATUS UPDATE: http://cppea.org/2014-class-action-lawsuit-update/

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