Sac Bee “Effort to boot SEIU… gets new life”

by on September 26, 2015

Below is an excerpt from an article written by Jon Ortiz of the Sac Bee regarding CPPEA’s Ken Hamidi’s request for access to the State email system in order to effectively communicate with state employees in order to petition for an election to replace SEIU Local 1000 (Decertification Petition).

“Ken Hamidi has been trying to break the grip of SEIU Local 1000 since 2007.
Along the way, the Iranian-born Franchise Tax Board employee has won some admirers for his never-say-die spirit and for winning a landmark California Supreme Court case a dozen years ago. He’s also drawn the ire and the ridicule of SEIU officials, who dismiss him as a self-aggrandizing blowhard and a buffoon.
Now he has renewed efforts to replace the union’s exclusive representation of half of California state government’s organized workforce with an association that he would head.
Hamidi says that he already has 6,000 of the 28,500 or so petition signatures he needs to put SEIU Local 1000’s continued representation to a vote. He acknowledges that merely reaching nearly 100,000 state employees is a daunting task, but he thinks that he can find sufficient support if he is allowed access to state email.”
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