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by on September 12, 2015

Download the Decertification Petition!

(Union Members and Non-Members can submit the Decertification Petition.

We need to file the Decertification petitions ASAP.  If we can get forms from 30% of each bargaining unit, then PERB will conduct an election to allow us to replace SEIU as our union.  If we miss this opportunity, we will be stuck with SEIU for at least another 3 years.

This is it Folks!

For the past several years we have heard from many of you about how you are tired of SEIU and wanted a better Union than SEIU; you wanted a Union that is more Responsive to our needs, well, NOW is our chance!

For the past few years CPPEA has been fighting a battle for us all behind the scenes, and in the courts.  Initially to hold SEIU accountable, but after realizing that that was a lost cause, we switched our objective to ultimately getting rid of SEIU and replacing them with CPPEA, a Member-led, Employee Association.

CPPEA will use the same strategies and practices of existing Unions that are successfully
representing their members, more efficiently and more effectively, than SEIU.  These other Unions hire Attorneys well versed in Federal, and California Labor Law to represent their members during the Grievance Process, so will CPPEA.
Other successful Unions use Attorneys expert in Contract Negotiations to negotiate contracts for the Unions employing them, so will CPPEA.

We do not need to re-invent the wheel, there are other Unions out there already
representing other California State Employees using Attorneys to fight their battles for them, successfully, for a fraction of the cost we are paying SEIU.    We pay SEIU Millions of Dollars annually in expenses incurred by Volunteers to represent us in grievances, and contract negotiations, and overall, for the past decade, we have lost grievances, lost money, and lost benefits, under SEIU, even while in the same time-frame, the State of California awarded other Unions double-digit raises negotiated by Professional Negotiators for a fraction of what we pay to SEIU!

CPPEA can do a much better job of Representing us, than SEIU.
It is not too good to be true, it is very possible!

Do not squander this opportunity to rid ourselves of SEIU!  Do not believe their disinformation campaigns, they haven’t all-of-a-sudden become our allies, they know State Employees want to get rid of them and they are scared.
That’s why they are running a dis-information campaign, that’s why they’re using scare tactics to distract you from their historical apathy, and unresponsiveness towards us.

Some of the biggest law firms have already approached CPPEA to discuss their representing us, in grievances, and contract negotiations, in anticipation of our successfully ousting SEIU.  What we are doing now to SEIU has been done before by healthcare workers in Marin County not too long ago, and those workers are still happy that they did; they do not regret getting rid of SEIU; they are much better off without them.  We can represent ourselves too.  We can secure our pensions, and benefits ourselves, more effectively, and more efficiently, and more aggressively than SEIU, without loopholes that will need to be addressed later.

Keep more control over your job and your money by downloading and signing the Decert. petition to force an election to get rid of SEIU, and elect CPPEA to represent and fight our battles for us, all at the same time; Download our “Decertification Petition” and submit it today!

Download the Decertification Petition!

(Union Members and Non-Members can submit the Decertification Petition!)

Click here for Full Decertification Message

AFTER THE FORM OPENS, Click on “File” and “Save As” to Save the form to your computer.  Then you can print it out, fill it in, sign and mail it.

You can help out, by Printing out a few blank Petitions, and distributing it around to friends and coworkers and telling them to do the same!!

This is our best opportunity to get rid of SEIU and replace them with CPPEA, a reliable Member-led, Employee Association that will successfully, and aggressively, represent us!


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