New Bargaining Units under CPPEA

by on September 12, 2015

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New bargaining Units:
CPPEA, once elected as “Exclusive Representative”, will create three new Bargaining Units (BU):
1. BU 22 for Information Technology (IT) professionals, with over 7,500 employees
2. BU 23 for Auditors and Accountants, with over 2,300 employees
3. BU 24 for Licensed Vocational Nurses, with over 1,900 employees

These will not be the only Bargaining Units (BU) that CPPEA will create.  If there is a need or advantage to create others than CPPEA will do so without hesitation.

BU 1 is the largest BU in California with over 49,600 state employees. Over 7,500 IT employees, and over 2,300 Auditors and Accountants are improperly assigned to BU 1. Like other professionals, IT Staff, Auditors, and Accountants also need to be assigned to their own BU (please see the list below).
Over 160,000 California state employees are represented by one of the state’s 21 BU’s in the collective bargaining process.
• BU 2: Attorneys and Hearing Officers, with over 3,800 employees
• BU 3: Professional Educators and Librarians, with over 1,500 employees
• BU 5: Highway Patrol, with over 6,800 employees
• BU 8: Fire Fighters, with over 5,120 employees
• BU 9: Professional Engineers, with over 11,000 employees
• BU 10: Professional Scientific, with over 2,900 employees
• BU 11: Engineering and Scientific Technicians, with over 2,600 employees
• BU 16: Physicians, Dentists, and Podiatrists, with over 1,500 employees
• BU 17: Registered Nurses, with over 5,000 employees

Like the other professionals in the above BU’s, IT professionals, Auditors plus Accountants, and Licensed Vocational Nurses also need to have their own BU 22, 23, and BU 24, respectively, so they too can be effectively represented and their specific interests negotiated in the collective bargaining process.

To create new BU’s 22, 23, and 24 the Exclusive Representative of BU 1 and BU 20, has to complete the Dills Severance Petition, form: PERB-3105 (02/01), accompanied by proof of support of a majority of IT employees for BU 22, and Auditors and Accountants for BU 23, and Vocational Licensed Nurses for BU 24, which will be submitted to PERB – Public Employment Relations Board, immediately after the decertification of SEIU Local 1000 and the certification of CPPEA as Exclusive Representative).

Previous efforts to create bargaining unit 22 for IT Professionals have been aggressively fought and defeated by SEIU Local 1000. (See the attached Case No.SA-SV-165-S about SEIU’s opposition (on page 5) to the creation of BU 22 for IT professionals).

What have we learned from our past experiences?
1. SEIU is a self-serving business and political entity. SEIU officials are only interested in our money. Not only will SEIU not fight for our interest, but as we have seen from documented cases, SEIU will use our own money to fight against us.

2. We must first decertify (get rid of) SEIU and replace them with CPPEA, then CPPEA will file the Dills Severance Petition, form: PERB-3105 (02/01) to create BU 22 for IT, BU 23 for Auditors and Accountants, and BU 24 for Licensed Vocational Nurses.

What we must do to create BU’s 22, 23, and 24:
1. IT, Auditors, Accountants, and Licensed Vocational Nurses must get involved and support CPPEA.

2. Download CPPEA’s Decertification proof of support petition (aka 2015 Decert. Petition), sign it, and mail it to CPPEA’s address on the petition.

3. Educate, and encourage other state employees to get involved with decertifying SEIU, and submit a “2015 Decert. Petition” (a.k.a. Decertification proof of support petition) and mail it to CPPEA’s address.

4. Volunteer to help CPPEA’s grassroots activities by distributing Decert. Petitions, and Flyers, and volunteering your time.

5. Be aware of SEIU’s disinformation campaign designed to confuse us, in order to keep us from voting to replace them. Ensure other state employees are aware of SEIU’s tactics.

6. SEIU is suddenly spreading propaganda about their reclassifying IT Staff. SEIU has done this for the past 14 years, whenever they want to gain the support of IT staff, yet they had the opportunity to do this in the past, simply by not opposing it, but SEIU did oppose it very tenaciously. See the attached Case No.SA-SV-165-S about SEIU’s opposition (on page 5) to the creation of BU 22 for IT professionals.

7. CPPEA has fought and sacrificed for the past eight years waiting for this opportunity to file the petition to decertify SEIU Local 1000, we cannot afford to squander this opportunity!

• Per Government code 3520.5. Of the Ralph C. Dills Act. We can decertify SEIU!
• Per PERB’s regulation 32700, we must submit 30% signed decertification petitions by November 2015 to PERB in order to trigger a secret ballot election by PERB.
• Neither our employer (state management) nor SEIU can intervene, or block the decertification.
• If you encounter any interference from SEIU, or state management or anyone else, please document it, and report it to immediately.

CPPEA promises you:
1. As we have done to date, CPPEA will continue fighting wholeheartedly for the protection and expansion of state employees’ common interests!

2. CPPEA’s dues will be 0.75%, which is 50% less than SEIU’s dues of 1.5% of your gross income.

3. CPPEA will aggressively Represent and Negotiate Contracts, through our prominent law firm, The United Law Center (ULC)!

4. As soon as CPPEA is certified as Exclusive Representative for State Employees of BU 1, CPPEA will initiate the process for creation of BU 22 for IT Staff, BU 23 for Auditors and Accountants, and BU 24 for Licensed Vocational Nurses.

5. Immediately after creating BU’s 22, 23, and 24 CPPEA will initiate a parity study with CalHR to determine how much more our private sector counterparts are being paid compared to State Employee IT Staff, Auditors, and Accountants, and Licensed Vocational Nurses, doing the same work.

6. CPPEA will aggressively negotiate a salary increase for IT Staff, Auditors, Accountants, and Licensed Vocational Nurses through ULC in order to bring those classifications up to par with their private sector counterparts, as the Engineers and Scientists’ Employee Associations have done very effectively.

7. CPPEA will aggressively negotiate a salary increase for all represented employees to reverse the salary losses we’ve suffered under SEIU!!

Achieving all of this is at our fingertips, but first we have to Decertify SEIU, because as long as SEIU is our exclusive representative we will remain under-represented, and under-paid.

Please don’t squander this opportunity, download the 2015 Decert. Petition from, and submit it NOW!

We can Decertify SEIU!!!
• CPPEA has fought SEIU successfully in and out of court for years, with almost no resources, only with the power of volunteer state employees.

• If you believe that SEIU lacks integrity, transparency, and does not effectively represent us, do something to make things better; Decertify SEIU and elect CPPEA as our Exclusive Representative.

• Support CPPEA’s grassroots Employee Association, like:
o PECG – Professional Engineers in California Government
o CAPS – California Association of Professional Scientist
o CAPT – California Association of Psychiatric Technicians

Volunteer and give us your support, we are a grassroots organization and our most important resource is our fellow state employees!!  

Distribute our Decert. Petitions, and Flyers, to co-workers, and ask them to do the same!

DOWNLOAD The Decertification Petition NOW!!

(Union Members and Non-Members can submit a Petition!)


Yes we can Decertify SEIU, others have and they are glad they did, and so can we, but only with your help!

“A body of determined spirits fired up by an unquenchable faith in their mission can change the course of history” Mahatma Gandhi

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