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by on June 1, 2015

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CPPEA is a Grassroots, Member-Led, Employee Association, that means our strength is in our numbers and in our members.

* Are you frustrated by the diminishing CONTROL over your future?
* Are you tired of SACRIFICING while others flourish, at your expense?
* Concerned about whether you will have a JOB next year?
* Concerned about whether you will have a PENSION worth anything when you retire?

In the great words of Confucius:

“Do Not Curse the Darkness, Light a Candle!

In other words, if you’re tired of being used and abused, take control and

These Flyers are meant for those of us that want to become involved in sending a message, distributing the word! Get involved and help take back control of your Paycheck, your Pension, and your Future!

Download the FLYERs below and post them and distribute them for others to post!

The job you save, may be your own!


Flyer – Class Action Lawsuit!

Flyer – CPPEA a Real Union!

Flyer – The Only Solution!

Flyer – New Bargaining Unit 22 for IT Professionals!

Flyer – New Bargaining Unit 23 for Auditors!

Flyer – New Bargaining Unit 24 for Licensed Vocational Nurses!

Flyer – CPPEA Letter to Governor Brown announcing Decert. Campaign!

Flyer – Ken Hamidi v. SEIU Class Action Lawsuit!





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