We work better together

We work better together! CPPEA are California's Professional Public Employees united for honest, effective union representation.

Government Entities are making it difficult for CPPEA to communicate with you using the State email system, even though these same entities allow SEIU to do so, so please provide your PERSONAL email address on your NGO and FSFR forms.  CPPEA will only use it to communicate with you outside the State email system, and you can opt-out at any time.  Thank you!

We know the system better than anyone else,
and we have the incentive to make the system work; Because we work in the same system as you, we will have to live with the consequences of our actions.

With Member-led CPPEA you will never have to doubt the purpose of our actions, or who we are fighting for:
We will always be on the side of the State Worker!

Together we can make a difference in our working conditions, our wages, and our working environments.
Together we can send a message — Let’s make it count!

We have no intentions of “Reinventing the Wheel.”

Other State Workers Unions currently use specialized Law Firms that are effective, aggressive and professional to represent their members.

CPPEA will employ the same experienced Law Firms that have served these other unions effectively, to represent our members.

Just compare the Performance-to-Cost ratio of these smaller Unions vs SEIU:
Union dues for SEIU 1000 Members are up to twice as much as for other California state employees
Next, compare the Level of Service members of other Unions receive:
SEIU Local 100 Members receive a lower quality of services than other union members
(PECG: Cal. Engineers Associations,  CAPT: Cal. Psychiatric Technicians Association)

More responsive and professional Representation, and better wages, all at a lower cost. These are some of the many benefits of being represented by these aggressive and knowledgeable Law firms well versed in Federal and State Labor law.

These Professional Law Firms currently representing other State Worker Unions, are ready and willing to represent us as soon as we vote in CPPEA as our “Exclusive Representative”.  This means we will have an Effective, Experienced, infrastructure, in place immediately after Decertifying SEIU.

California Professional Public Employees

CPPEA has a plan for better workplace representation

If you want to keep what we’ve fought so hard to gain over the years, if you want to be able to come to work and do your job in a non-hostile working environment, and be treated with dignity and respect for your work-ethic and the job you do, Fire SEIU! (Forms and Info).

No matter who is elected our next Governor, State Workers will face more hostility than ever before.

With the distorted perception of State Workers currently held by the Public, the new Governor and Legislature will have all the support they need to cut our benefits and wages — again.

Don’t settle for mediocre, ineffective, and costly representation.
We need a Union that will Fight for Us!

Act now to make a difference in your future!
We can have a new union as soon as the next Holiday Season.

Fire SEIU! - Forms and Info

(Link to Forms available NOW!)